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Powder Coating Oven Makes Light Work

Gas Catalytic IR Powder Coating Oven

Custom Light Fixture Manufacturer Chooses Gas Catalytic IR

Lumetta, based in Warwick RI, manufactures custom designed light fittings for the hotel and restaurant industry. Previously, the powder coating of the steel and aluminum products was out-sourced. Although quality was good, damage in transportation and a weeks processing time meant that a different approach would be required if end user lead time was to be reduced. Lumetta decided it was time to get their own Powder Coating Oven. The two oven solution suggested by Heraeus required a Gas Catalytic IR dry off (after washing) and a Gas Catalytic IR final cure
oven (after powder application) together with an overhead conveyor to allow continuous flow. The complete system takes up less than 3,000 sq ft and requires only two operators. Lumetta can now fabricate, powder coat and ship on the same day, if required. Faster inventory turns, lower costs and very happy customers are just a few of the advantages of adopting Gas Catalytic IR technology from Heraeus.

“The flexibility that the new Gas Catalytic Ovens has provided us with means that we can now de-gas our die castings as well as powder coat our main volume product. The move to continuous flow from batch
production has resulted in shorter lead times and reduced operating costs. The ability to react quickly to customer’s needs is transforming our business. Our costs have been significantly reduced whilst producing a high quality product. Everybody is a winner including the most important person, the customer!”

Bill Pritchett (Owner of Lumetta)

Gas Catalytic IR Powder Coating Oven Reduces Costs

Powder Coating Oven For Saw Blades

Cutting Edge Company Doubles Business

Die Cast Connections of Chicopee MA, custom coats hundreds of thousands of hacksaw and reciprocating saw blades every week by using a powder coating oven. With business forecast to double, a move from a hand spray, batch oven type of production to a continuous, conveyor layout was required. Even though the coating on a cutting blade will wear off with use, the need for a good quality powder coated finish is essential to enable:

  • Screen printing of brand logo
  • Product presentation within retail packaging
  • Damage free transportation

“A 30 ft Gas Catalytic IR Oven from Heraeus proved to be the answer. The system is capable of curing yellow, black, green, white and silver powders within a 4 minute cure cycle. An added requirement is the need to pass die cast products through the same oven to eliminate out gassing. A task which the new Gas Catalytic IR oven handles with ease.”

Beth Zastawny (Owner of Die Cast Connections)

Gas Catalytic IR Oven Double Capacity

Rim refurbishment using gas catalytic IR oven

Rim Refurbishment Company Reduces Lead Time With Gas Catalytic IR Oven

When Elite Rim Repair, of Plainview NY, a leading company in the rim refurbishment industry, approached Heraeus for advice on how to increase production capacity and quality, we suggested two new Gas Catalytic IR ovens which would dovetail into existing procedures:

  • Preparation – Rims are stripped of tires and existing finish followed by straightening if required.
  • Pre Gel Gas Catalytic Oven – Base color powder applied before entering the Pre Gel Gas Catalytic IR Oven. This gels the powder and adds heat to the rims.
  • Final Cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven – Clear coat powder then applied to hot rim before entering final cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven to co-cure the base and clear coat together to provide a flawless finish.
  • Fit Tires & Ship – Tires are then refitted and rims are ready to ship. All possible within 24 – 48 hours.

Customer Reports Impressive Results

“I have been extremely impressed with the performance of our new Heraeus Gas Catalytic IR Ovens. Process time has been reduced by 50% and the resultant increase in productivity and quality has been impressive. Repeatability of our high standard of quality has improved significantly and the overall impact on our energy bills has been remarkable.”
Herman Mansbart (Owner of Elite Rim Repair)

Gas Catalytic IR from Heraeus – New Video

Gas Catalytic IR from Heraeus New Explanatory Video

Gas Catalytic IR emitters convert natural or propane gas into medium – long wavelength Infrared by means of a special platinum catalyst. The only other byproducts are Water, in the form of vapour and Carbon Dioxide. There are no noxious gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide or Carbon Monoxide. This flameless catalytic reaction produces a surface temperatures of 175 ° C to 480 ° C . The radiation intensity is continuously controllable by the use of PLC’s  within a range of 20%-100% of the rated output.

This video explains how gas catalytic IR heaters from Heraeus work. If you would like more details, please contact us.

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