LPG Cylinder Painting With Gas Catalytic Infrared

More companies involved in LPG cylinder painting and gas tank refurbishment are beginning to realize significant savings in time, energy and costs when moving to gas catalytic infrared systems. Heraeus Vulcan have recently completed a system for Flogas Britain Ltd., drawing on our experience with:

LPG Cylinder Painting System – Flogas Britain Ltd.

LPG Cylinder Painting

The New Gas Catalytic Infrared Line at Flogas Britain Ltd. in Operation

Flogas Britain Ltd. approached Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd. to advise on how they could improve their current set up, which was old and effectively at the end of its useful life. The key improvements that the client was looking for included:

  • Moving from liquid to powder
  • More effective use of available space
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved quality
  • Added capacity

What We Did

Working with systems integrator Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd., we designed a gas catalytic infrared oven, similar to designs we have used in the past for LPG gas cylinder painting. This was integrated into a system consisting of a Zinc de-gassing oven and  Gema automated spraybooth. The infrared oven was designed by our engineers in the USA, and we provided Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd., with a complete package consisting of DXF files for the sheet metal structure of the oven, infrared heater panels and all the gas controls for each of the 6 zones within the oven.

The Flogas UK LPG Cylinder Painting Line Leaving Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd

The Flogas UK LPG Cylinder Painting Line Leaving Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd

Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd., built the oven in their facility. Within a matter of weeks, the oven was then ready to be shipped to site for installation. Once running, the PLC control system of the  infrared oven was setup with a number of heat profiles or recipes, to suit the different sizes of cylinder being processed, and stored in the memory for instant recall when needed.

The Results

Simon Eldridge, Cylinder Supply Chain Manager at Flogas Britain stated:

“We now have a state of the art system which has delivered  all the  required improvements. Initial indications are that the system will pay for itself  well within the required payback period.

 I have been very impressed with Heraeus Vulcan, Junair (Spraybooths) Ltd.and Gema’s powder coating plant.”


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