Gas Catalytic IR Oven Double Capacity

Rim refurbishment using gas catalytic IR oven

Rim Refurbishment Company Reduces Lead Time With Gas Catalytic IR Oven

When Elite Rim Repair, of Plainview NY, a leading company in the rim refurbishment industry, approached Heraeus for advice on how to increase production capacity and quality, we suggested two new Gas Catalytic IR ovens which would dovetail into existing procedures:

  • Preparation – Rims are stripped of tires and existing finish followed by straightening if required.
  • Pre Gel Gas Catalytic Oven – Base color powder applied before entering the Pre Gel Gas Catalytic IR Oven. This gels the powder and adds heat to the rims.
  • Final Cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven – Clear coat powder then applied to hot rim before entering final cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven to co-cure the base and clear coat together to provide a flawless finish.
  • Fit Tires & Ship – Tires are then refitted and rims are ready to ship. All possible within 24 – 48 hours.

Customer Reports Impressive Results

“I have been extremely impressed with the performance of our new Heraeus Gas Catalytic IR Ovens. Process time has been reduced by 50% and the resultant increase in productivity and quality has been impressive. Repeatability of our high standard of quality has improved significantly and the overall impact on our energy bills has been remarkable.”
Herman Mansbart (Owner of Elite Rim Repair)

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