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In-Source Your Powder Coating

Vulcan Catalytic Systems will be showing the latest in powder coating ovens – Fabtech 2013 (Nov 18 – Nov 21), on stand S5470 . Also, on Wednesday, Nov 20th, Mike Chapman, President of Vulcan, will be giving a talk on: C81 – Efficient Curing with Infrared for Industrial Finishing in Room S404A,  from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM. Mike will be describing  the benefits and applications of catalytic infrared pre-gel and cure ovens for powder coating.

Lean Powder Coating Line

Lean Powder Coating Line

The talk will offer advice for those companies who currently outsource their powder coating requirements and are considering in-sourcing. He will be covering the following aspects of Gas Catalytic Infrared Powder Coating:

  • The significant energy and time savings that gas catalytic infrared can achieve when compared to:
    • Conventional convection ovens
    • Electric infrared ovens
  • The use of Pre Gel Ovens, used in conjunction with a convection oven, especially on heavy, fabricated parts
  • How Gas Catalytic Infrared can be incorporated into a Lean Manufacturing powder coating program.

Powder Coating OvenPowder Coating Oven

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